Jersey City, NJ

Are you just getting into the healthcare field? Do you need to take your first ACLS classes and CPR training class? You've probably found many places around Jersey City that you can go to for AID CPR and ACLS classes, but either they are expensive, shady looking, or you are just not sure where you should go.

Here at Synergy Health Care International, we are ranked number one when it comes to our ACLS and AID CPR training. Our ACLS classes cover airway management, related pharmacology, basic life support skills, management of acute coronary syndrome, early management of respiratory and cardiac arrest, effective communication as a member and leader of resuscitation team, and early recognition of peri-arrest condition.

By the end of the course, we want to make sure you know how important high-quality CPR really is. Our case is hands on. We find it effective to teach skills in a large group session and then break out into smaller groups for more learning and testing, where you are re-enacting real life scenarios.

Our teaching strategies are the reason why we rank number one. We are highly rated and often recommended to people who are looking for a facility to take their ACLS course and their AID CPR training. Of course, you can venture off to the other guys, but they may not show you the importance of high-quality CPR, or they may not be as hands-on like we are.

We firmly believe in order to grasp the entire course, you need to be able to play out these real life scenarios. The only way to achieve this level of understanding is to have you; the students take the wheel and go for it.

If you are in the Jersey City, NJ area, and need to take either class, drop by Synergy Health Care International. Or you can go to our website and register for a class today.